Turning 25

4 min readNov 17, 2023
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Earlier this week, I celebrated my 25th birthday.

When I was younger, perhaps 5 or 6, I thought that turning 10 was a big deal. It marked the transition from single to double digits in my age. It also meant that I had two more years left to graduate from my primary school, which I was actually quite happy about.

I would spend the next ten years doing a lot of studying (overwhelmed by the Singapore education system) and reading (historical fiction books). In retrospect, my teenage years were pretty stressful and tiring. I wonder how I managed to wake up at 6am every morning and attend school from 7.30am to sometimes as late as 6pm.

Then, fast forward to 2018 — the next milestone arrived. On the day of my birthday, I found myself reflecting on the fact that even though I had officially entered my twenties, deep inside, I still felt no different from when I was a teenager. In so many ways, I was still just as reliant as I have been since young, on my family both financially and perhaps even emotionally.

In a blink of an eye, another five years have flashed past and I am now officially in my mid-twenties.




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