Photo taken by the author before class in Peking university, Beijing 2019 (Probably should have shifted my camera lens slightly more to the right for a nicer angle)

My gosh…i found this image of myself with my secondary school mates on the internet. My school teachers took this photo for a bunch of us who competed in the school’s first combined sports meet with 2 other secondary schools. Prior to taking this photo, I had competed in the 4x400m event and won a silver medal. What a pleasant surprise to discover this photo 8 years later.

(1) My running “history”

Image taken from Unsplash

A photo taken by the author at Bedok Reservoir, 2021. Not the best photo but it’ll do….

What is performance evaluation?

Coney Island, Singapore. Photo taken one evening in 2020 where I went to Coney Island for a jog.



This is a repository of my thoughts on my personal life, my random interests & notes taken down as I navigate my way through the tech world!

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