The potentials of ChatGPT

3 min readMar 4, 2023
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Ever since ChatGPT has been rolled out, I’ve jumped on the bandwagon to try out the features that it offers. Initially, I was really skeptical of it and didn’t think I would like to use it. However, after several weeks of using it, I found that I really like using ChatGPT.

I find that it is a really handy tool to help me to quickly narrow down and find out the answers to any questions that I have. For example, when I type a question, it will directly give me the answer that I want, most of the time. Compared to the result given to me by a typical search engine, which consists of an endless list of web pages where I would have to crawl through and search for the answers myself, which is much more time consuming, ChatGPT offers a much better user experience. More importantly, it feels like I am talking to another person, albeit one who knows almost everything about this world. What’s great about ChatGPT is that it is able to retain memory of my previous searches and I can follow up with more questions if i am unsatisfied with the answers given.

In fact, after overhearing some conversations at my workplace I found out that some software engineers are already tapping on ChatGPT to write tests, code and even in generating feedback evaluation during the company’s performance review cycle. It does have lots of useful capabilities that can help us to offload our work to it and improve our efficiencies further.

I think that if we can add more features to ChatGPT, it has a really big potential to replace Google search. Some improvements I can think of would be for it to accept non text search inputs, support query formatting, auto correction as well as improvements to the presentation of results (not just return text display but also images). Of course, there may be arguments that this may be out of scope of a “natural language chat bot”.

Out of curiosity, I sent a question to ChatGPT about how to use it to generate money. Below was what I received in reply:

  1. Content creation: If you are a content creator or a writer, you could use me to generate ideas, brainstorm topics, and even generate content. You could then monetize your content by publishing it on your blog, website, or social media platform.
  2. Customer support: If you have a business, you could integrate me into your website or app to provide customer support. I could answer frequently asked questions, provide product information, and even troubleshoot problems. By providing exceptional customer support, you could retain more customers and increase revenue.
  3. Language translation: If you are a translator, you could use me to assist you in your work. I can translate text from one language to another, which could save you time and increase your productivity. You could then charge your clients for your translation services.
  4. Educational services: If you are an educator or a tutor, you could use me to provide educational services to your students. You could use me to generate quizzes, tests, and study materials. You could also use me to answer your students’ questions and provide feedback. By providing high-quality educational services, you could increase your reputation and attract more clients.

Interesting….something to ponder in my free time.

Overall, I think that yes there’s a possibility for ChatGPT to be closely interwined in our daily lives and more and more upcoming tools might become integrated with it. There’re even comments that since ChatGPT can write code, there is a risk that software engineering jobs might be replaced by it. While there may be some elements of truth to it, I don’t think SWE jobs will be completely replaced by it. This is because, typically the lifecycle of a SWE project involves constant discussions and negotiations about the requirements between the product manager and an engineer. I am unsure how these will take place if we replace an engineer with a bot. However, the responsibilities of a SWE might be reduced as we can outsource coding work to the bot.

Well, we will see how it goes. As always, it’s good to look ahead and think of what we can do to stay ahead of the curve and be prepared for any impending threat.

Have a nice day! :)




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