Some Todos if you think your company is going to carry out layoffs soon

2 min readApr 22, 2023


Koko Crater Stairs, Hawaii (2022) This was hands down, one of the toughest hike I have ever did in my entire life! The photo doesn’t show it all but towards the middle section, the stairs became really steep and I had to climb with literally my four limbs. It took my friends and I almost 1 hour to climb to the peak, but the view was worth it! Even though it was really tiring, it was really fun and I have no regrets.

I hope that this won’t happen to anyone who reads this article. However, i just thought that publishing a todo list about this might be helpful for someone out there.

  • Download all your payslips to your personal storage, eg google drive. In case your next potential employer asks about them, you have some proof at hand to negotiate for a better pay.
  • Download photos and screenshots of chat messages that mean a lot to you. Don’t assume that they will always be accessible to you.
  • Download personal 1:1 documents you have with your colleagues, mentors or seniors at work. These documents may contain career advice or good knowledge that you want to remember.
  • Download performance evaluations. They can be pretty helpful for helping you to recall your contributions at work so that you can craft your resume better or answer interview questions.
  • Make sure to save the contacts of colleagues whom you still want to remain as friends outside of work.
  • Go for that health screening or dental checkup that you have been putting off for weeks. Once you get laid off, there is no guarantee how long the insurance will be valid for.
  • Take lots of photos of your office so that you have something to remember.
  • Raid the pantry for free snacks and drinks because you never know when you are gonna land your next job. You need those snacks to keep you fuelled. Just kidding!
  • Ask your colleagues to write a recommendation for you on LinkedIn. They help polish your LinkedIn profile and also gives you something good to remember about how you made your colleagues feel :)
  • Download codebases or work that you have spent nights and hours working on. This is purely for memory purposes and so that you have something to refer to in case in the future you need to work on something similar. It is probably illegal and violates the contract you have with your company, but i feel that as long as you don’t misuse the code or spread it to other networks it should be fine. Do it with lots of caution!!! If you get caught, don’t say I told you to do so 🫡

The end 😎




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