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Some of my favourite Quotes

3 min readMay 23, 2020



The relationship between the masses and the guerrillas: the masses were likened to water and the guerrillas to the fishes who inhabit it. The cliched anti-guerrilla tactic of “draining the water so the fish can’t swim”.

~ 毛泽东, 1962


Cross the river while feeling for stones under one’s feet.









The beautiful scent of flowers cannot come about without the endurement of harsh winters.


When we get to the mountains, there will be a way through. When the boat reaches the pier head, it will go straight with the current.

Everything will turn out for the best. Let’s worry about it when it happens. It will be alright in the end.

我们看海去! 我们看海去!

蓝色的大海上, 杨着白色的帆。



我们看海去! 我们看海去!

~林海音, 《城南旧事》


It takes hundreds of rebirths to bring two persons to ride in the same boat; it takes a thousand years to bring two persons to share the same pillow. This goes to show how precious yuan fen 缘分 is.

I am not sure who said this but I came across this quote in one of my classes and found it to be meaningful. In the past, when technology was still not advanced, people were not able to reach out or communicate with their friends and loved ones as easily as today. They had to rely on chance encounters or promises made between individuals to meet at an agreed time and place. Therefore, meeting friends and families can be seen to be a very precious and treasured thing. This explains why this quote came about in reminding individuals to cultivate good relationships with the people around them. It is because of the precious yuan fen that they are able to meet one another in a world of a billion souls and hence they should appreciate it.


(From Baidu)

One of the greatest disappointments in life would be to miss the opportunity to be filial to one’s parent. This quote serves as a reminder to all children that the clock is ticking. As we get older, our parents become more and more frail. If we want to be filial, we should act soon, lest it becomes too late.

~《孔子家语卷二 ·致思第八》






Searching and (not) finding. It seems there are many classical Chinese poems about searching for people but not finding them. Sometimes, individuals seem to be wandering aimlessly and not even knowing what they are looking for. I guess this is a common state of mind that I find myself to be in at times. It’s like the feeling of wanting to walk out of a maze but you find yourself being lost and not really clear which direction you are heading towards.

This is a famous lyric by a Southern Song Dynasty Poet and Military Leader Xin Qiji. Unlike most other poems, In this poem, the poet finds the lady in the midst of the crowd after searching for her hundreds and thousands of times. I like this poem for it’s beautiful description of the night of the Lantern festival. It sounds beautifully magical.

~辛弃疾,《青玉案 · 元夕》

日月不同光, 昼夜各有宜


This could be used to describe the relationship between China and USA.

春有百花, 秋有月,夏有凉风, 冬有雪。

The beauty of the four seasons.






Rich dad used to say, “The key to becoming wealthy is the ability to convert earned income into passive income or portfolio income as quickly as possible.” He would say, “Taxes are highest on earned income. The least-taxed income is passive income. That is another reason why you want your money working hard for you. The government taxes the income you work hard for more than the income your money works hard for.” ~ Rich dad poor dad








Don’t hastily scribble your answers just because you see others submitting their examination scripts.

Be true to yourself. Do things at your own pace, in your own way. Don’t sacrifice quality for speed or for the sake of ticking checkboxes.




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