Brrr…took me half a day to install all the libraries inside the Conda virtual environment…reminded me of my previous trip to Harbin! The cold was painful hahaha…

How to use Conda in Anaconda?

2 min readApr 17, 2020


A photo taken from a youtube video on what Conda is

Type the following commands in your anaconda cmd to get your conda virtual environment set up!

Step 1: Need to install conda (or maybe it is already pre-installed? Not sure..)

Step 2: Create a conda environment inside anaconda

conda create -n env_name

env_name can be named to your preference

Step 2a: Activate conda environment

conda activate env_name

Step 3: Need to install notebook inside the conda environment:

conda install nb_conda

Step 4: Need to type Jupyter notebook in the cmd to load it in your browser

jupyter notebook

The last tab ‘Conda’ will show up

Step 5: To use certain modules/libraries in your code, you will need to install them one by one in your conda virtual environment:

conda install -c defaults opencv

conda install -c defaults scikit-image

conda install -c defaults <library-of-your-choice>

Try to use defaultswhen installing libraries. I tried using conda-forgebut it failed to work properly when i opened jupyter notebook and there were some errors in finding the modules.

The end! :)




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