Creating my first chrome extension

Inspired by a tech talk given at work

“Hello”, says the snowman to us.
One of my favourite free extension. It allows me to play Youtube video without ads.

First, what are web extensions?

We can think of web extensions as apps living inside our browser. They help to enhance our web browsing experience by providing additional functionalities. Almost all types of browsers like Mozilla and Safari, not just Chrome browsers, support web extensions. However, due to the popularity of the Chrome browser, we mostly hear about Chrome extensions and they are the most popular amongst developers.

My chrome extension

The chrome extension that I am going to share is called “video speeder”. As the name suggests, it can be used to speed up or slow down the playback rate of Youtube videos. While Youtube videos might already have this functionality, the range of playback rates we can select is limited. This extension will help to provide more options in the range of playback rates that we can choose from.

Lets get started

Here is a snapshot of how my project file for the Chrome extension looks like and we will go through each file one by one.

Refer to the site for more.

Uploading it to your browser

Now, that the code is completed, we will need to add it to our browser so we can use it.

  • Enable the “developer mode”
  • Click on “Load unpacked” option and choose the project folder to upload.
  • Go to the top bar to enable this chrome extension, “Video speeder”.
Click on this icon and select the chrome extension

That’s all!

This is just a very simple first chrome extension project for our own personal use.

The end! :)

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