Chinese Knotting (中国结)

What is it? image of a Chinese purse with decorative knots and coins
Double Happiness Knot — This shape follows that of the chinese character which means double happiness.
Butterfly knot —One night, Zhuang Zi dreamt that he was a butterfly, flying through the air, completely unaware that he was a human. But when he awoke, much to his surprise, he found himself still as a man. Did Zhuang Zi dream he was a butterfly? Or did a butterfly dream he was Zhuang Zi? Or do the concepts of butterfly and Zhuang Zi create arbitrary divisions in the singularity that gives rise to all things? The butterfly here showcases the essential oneness of all being, a basic tenet of Taoist philosophy.
Pan Chang Knot — One of the eight Buddhist treasures. It twists and turns around itself in a seemingly endless pattern, a graphic representation of the cyclical nature of all existence, which embodies the Buddhist concept of life being a cycle.

Historical Records

Literature References

“I dreamed the silk cords at our waists

Were bound together in a true lover’s knot”

Artefacts Evidences
Knots on scented satchets
Chinese Knot on a Paper Fan

In Modern Times

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