Very often, I struggle to pick the right words off the vocabulary buffet table to explain my thoughts or ideas. Most times, I end up with a plate of words, messily stringed together, that does little to persuade my listeners of my viewpoint.

This weekend, I spent a few hours…

My gosh…i found this image of myself with my secondary school mates on the internet. My school teachers took this photo for a bunch of us who competed in the school’s first combined sports meet with 2 other secondary schools. Prior to taking this photo, I had competed in the 4x400m event and won a silver medal. What a pleasant surprise to discover this photo 8 years later.

Even though the name of my Medium account is “LiveRunGrow”, I have actually never published anything related to running. Unknown to many, Running is actually one of my biggest hobby to date. And today’s article will be all about running and my thoughts on it.

(1) My running “history”

I have been running on…

Inspired by a tech talk given at work

“Hello”, says the snowman to us.

Recently, one of my colleague at work gave a presentation about creating chrome extensions. Although I have used many Chrome extensions before, I have never tried making one myself. …

Image taken from Unsplash

What comes to your mind when you see the term, “work”? Do you picture a man plodding away at the open fields under the hot scorching sun? Or perhaps, do you visualise yourself typing away on a laptop and attending an endless stream of (zoom?) meetings with your co-workers?


A photo taken by the author at Bedok Reservoir, 2021. Not the best photo but it’ll do….

Do you find yourself at loss when it’s time for the quarterly or yearly performance evaluation mandated by your company? Don’t worry, you’re not alone in this. Here is an article to help you, especially if you have newly joined the workforce and am unclear about the entire process.

What is performance evaluation?


Before I start feeling inundated by work life, I want to pen down my reflections on the recent happenings in my life. I hope that I can look back at this post in the future and laugh at the thoughts of the younger version of myself.

Coney Island, Singapore. Photo taken one evening in 2020 where I went to Coney Island for a jog.


The world today is…

Written with reference to Clean Architecture: A Craftsman’s Guide to Software Structure and Design and of course, The Internet.

Oh look! It’s a Banana Tree. I took this photo during a visit to the Botanical Garden in Singapore.

Here are some books that I have come across and found them to be quite useful. Putting them down here for future easy references.

This post is a summary of a webinar organised by NUS CFG that I attended on the 8th June 2021. All the pictures and text below were made with reference to the webinar presentation.

Why 90?

First impressions matters everywhere you go! It is important to make sure you are seen in…

Writing clean code is what you must do in order to call yourself a professional. There is no reasonable excuse for doing anything less than your best.


The rule of thumb for a project to scale fast, be done quickly, be easy to write and be easy to read is…


This is a repository of my thoughts on my personal life, my random interests & notes taken down as I navigate my way through the tech world!

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