11 things that I enjoy doing

2 min readApr 7, 2024
Photo by Joanna Kosinska on Unsplash

Hello, hope your day is going well. I felt a need to record what I enjoy doing so that I can do more of them more often and not forget about them. Here is a short list :p

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  1. Reading
    - mostly historical, time travel, dystopian fictions
    - self-help books when i am feeling lost in life or need advice
    - online essays or blogs written by other people about their lives
    - biography/auto biography of famous successful people to inspire myself and understand the reasons for their success
  2. Watching films or documentaries
    - love it especially if it’s based on an actual historical event like the Titanic, The Soong sisters
    - or has really beautiful photographies
  3. Travelling and taking photographs and videos of natural landscapes and big busy cities
    - love, LOVE travelling. Hope to take a 1 year gap to travel around the world in a small van.
  4. Shopping (more like, window shopping)
    - i adore vintage goods
    - prefer to visit small boutiques with unique pieces instead of big fast fashion brands like Zara or cotton on
  5. Playing sports and exercising
    - basketball, tennis, volleyball, badminton…any kind of competitive…




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